My articles for the 2014 LCS Spring Season


Greetings, reader!

This is a follow-up to my previous blog posts, where I linked to any article I have written or contributed to so far. In this post, I list the articles I wrote during the Season 4 preseason and the spring split.

2014 Preseason

2014 LCS Spring Split

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My Articles for Season 3 – Worlds and Beyond


Greetings, reader!

This is a follow-up to my previous blog posts, where I linked to any article I have written or contributed to so far. In this post, I list any article I did between the end of the Season 3 Summer Split and the Season 4 Promotional Qualifiers.

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Season 3 World Championship

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My Leaguepedia Articles for Season 3 – Summer Season


Greetings, reader!

I created a separation between Spring Split (Seaon 3) articles and Summer Split ones, due to the fact that I expect to write more during the few months leading to Worlds than I did before.

I have moved to Cologne (Köln), Germany in an effort to gain valuable experience on the field. It made me skip Week 1 activities because I was taking a long train trip and getting settled in a hostel. I am now fully settled in Germany and can provide content on a reliable basis.

I will edit it until The Season 3 Summer Split reaches its term.

Taking the Pulse of the LCS – S3 Summer

Interviews (EU LCS)

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Reddit contributions – Super Week

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My Leaguepedia Articles for Season 3 – Spring Season


It’s been ages since I’ve written anything on my blog. The reason is, I have been writing for Leaguepedia.

I am one of the writers enrolled in the organization. Here are the articles I have written during the Spring Split.

Taking the Pulse series – Season 3 – Spring:

Interviews @ LCS Lille (Season 3 Spring – Week 6):

Other articles (and contributions):

MLG: A look back


With the advent of the LCS in the Northern American environment, the other main competitions now serve as exhibition stages for not only the LCS but also teams looking to get into it by May (or July, need to check info). An international showdown was added to still retain some of the MLG-LoL glory, but it was clear that the LCS took central focus.

The crowd was at its lowest during the Promotion Series due to relative lack of interest from the audience and the games’ schedules (early in the morning). The Finals did attract viewership, though, but it can’t compare to the LCS or the International Showdown.

The viewers and the live audience definitely got what they paid for as the LCS matches were exciting (with massive upsets and crisp play from all teams). Top it with an International Exhibition that saw 4 of the best teams in the world fight it out for the Grail and you have a recipe for success.

The Summer Promotion Qualifiers – MLG Slot

Four teams had the chance to contend for a spot in the Summer Qualifiers and they all wanted to warrant their presence in it. Battles were hard-fought between Cloud 9, Dignitas’ B-team, Curse Academy and Velocity Gaming but there had to be one and only one remaining team for that spot.

It was not to be Dignitas B as Cloud9’s poke comp (with AP Support Janna at the helm) constituted an unsolvable problem in itself. Cloud9 also allowed Draven (WildTurtle) to have an opportunity to shine brightly as his duels never failed to captivate the crowd. Ultimately, however, it was a matter of better teamfighting by the Draveneers as they always capitalized on the ones they won to snowball advantages and take objectives, setting up the stage for the poke siege.

It was not to be Curse Academy either. The games could have gone either way if not for Curse Academy being, for a lack of better word, cursed; every time they initiated, they lost their teamfights. Velocity Gaming did try their best at throwing the 2nd game but it did not work as they emerged victorious on the overall series.

One of the two remaining teams (Cloud 9 or Velocity Gaming) was to capture the objective they came for. Despite valiantly fighting, Velocity Gaming was no match to Cloud9’s crisper play and more methodical approach of the game. They marched towards the LCS Summer Qualifier Circuit in a takedown-by-takedown basis, though they did manage to scare themselves in the 2nd game – almost throwing it at dragon, only for it to be thrown harder by Velocity in a repetitive fashion.

There is a lot of work for all teams involved in the tournament to be at the level of play the LCS teams are at. Reducing the number of throws as well as capitalizing on opportunities faster would help greatly in guaranteeing a legitimate spot at the LCS Summer League.

The International Exhibition Invitational

The viewers and attendees were all in it for two things: The LCS and the International Exhibition. The LCS games featured loads of upsets and also set a trend: Dignitas, one of the teams in the invitational, would come up with a no-show. Indeed, not only did they lose their games against Gambit Gaming, they also went for a 1-2 result in the LCS. The Russians swept the series in a methodical fashion despite Scarra trying hard to salvage anything he could with his now-trademark Diana.

Curse Gaming was the only team left from the NA circuit in the tournament. However, with “God jungling for KT-Rolster B” it was just not supposed to happen. It may have been due to the lack of preparation for this match in particular since CRS did shine in the LCS and played the way they should have played against KT-B. Instead, it was the newborn Korean team that snowballed every small advantage they could get. They were not shy to take the 2nd game as CRS gave it to them on a golden platter after a 5v1 chase-turned-bait.

It was up to Gambit Gaming to save the day against the Korean takeover on the MLG circuit. Gambit Gaming had a bye on the EU LCS, meaning they could show up in this Invitational and get more experience against Korean and NA teams.

Things looked extremely bleak for them on Game 1, though, as KT-B was all over the place. Their ganks were successful and they capitalized on them to take objectives. Gambit’s fighting spirit did hold them in it a bit longer, but it was not meant to be.

The Russians, though, unleashed the Thresh Prince on Game 2. Coupled with Kayle, Kha’Zix, Udyr and Kog’Maw, Edward was not shy on forcing plays. It was Game 1 upside down as, this time, Gambit Gaming was the team with the almost-flawless execution. This notion was in a flagrant display as one of Edward’s Thresh Hooks ™ resulted in a 4-0 in favor of Gambit. KT-B was not Gambit, they did not desperately hold onto it.

It all came down to Game 3. Two noteworthy events shaped the game’s events: The Thresh ban from KT-B, combined with KTB InSec selecting one of the jungling characters he is famous for (Zed). Gambit Gaming played in a crisp manner but it was clear that InSec was on another plane of existence altogether. By engineering otherworldly plays, he allowed KT-B to have a fighting chance despite their turrets falling at an alarming rate. It all came together for the ever-patient KT-B as they not only prevented Gambit from doing Baron after a teamfight, they also took it for themselves. From then onwards, it was KT-B’s game to lose. To lose, they did not, as GG Darien (Renekton)’s impatience (due to getting poked down) cost his team the game. Of course, the Russians were not to lose the game immediately; in true Gambit fashion, they delayed the end by a dozen of minutes.

Phantoml0rd and why I’m likely to become a good player (and a better person)


To think that one night could change the way you see the game, the way you see yourself, the way you approach a whole lot of things is kind of a far-fetched thing. Yet, on my case, it’s real.

As a Karthus main, people can see me err on Phantoml0rd’s stream chat sometimes. Then again, I have this ritual where I allocate some of my daily time to viewing his stream and catching on to his lessons to viewers / subscribers / whoever paid for it. The fact that he does super-instructive lessons isn’t the only fact that I tune to his stream – the entertainment factor is just off the charts when he’s streaming. On top of that, he plays Karthus!

The first time I viewed his stream was probably around July 2012. This also corresponded to the time I transitioned from “garbage player” to “not-so-garbage but still garbage player” – since I had someone display what can be done with a champion I really liked to begin with (but never could play moderately well even if my life was at stakes). There were plenty of things I caught on (and plenty of laughters I had with his Revive/Teleport shenanigans) and, to this day, I keep a notebook of “Karthus facts”.

If anything, there is proof of my improvement as, before season 3, I was totally bronze-level. I had that “Elo hell” mentality too, which didn’t help. However, slowly but surely, I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m nowhere at the level I should be at (and simply accepted the fact that I had to work harder) and I started acting like it – diligently practicing. The wrong thing, however, is that I was hell-bent on being “above everyone else” – I will explain why later.

The results were visible straight-up, to everyone. I went from what was the equivalent of Bronze 2 to Silver 4 despite not playing much ranked. I also was held to a higher standard by those I queued with because I either ended up carrying or enabling them to win the game. The improvement was gradual but it was much worth it; for once, I wouldn’t berate myself for being totally bad. However, I wanted to get much better than that. I just want to be “above everyone else” by nature. So I kept practicing in normals in hope that, someday, I’d just have a massive breakthrough in Ranked play and take it to Gold/Platinum/You name it. However, I was not facing that caliber of opponents in normals, which made me stagnate quite a bit. I thought I was getting better but it was just that my opponents were consistently worse than I was – and I got away with plenty of stupid stuff.

Enter March 1st, 2013.

For a couple of days, Phantoml0rd had been doing raffles for his subscribers to get a free quality lesson with him. I intended to schedule a lesson with him ages ago but never got to it due to his schedule being overcharged (Practicing with team, having other lessons and private matters). I was desperately wishing I would get selected out of random but completely downplayed that. In the meantime, I was actively taking part in Leaguepedia as they surprisingly welcomed me in their team with open arms and had no time to play. I hadn’t played a single game 4 days prior March 1st but I somewhat clung to the hope that my name would be called for the lesson raffle.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I wanted it extremely badly or just flat-out luck (people say Luck happens to those who badly want it) but just as I completely gave up hope on it, I see my name written in plain black font in the stream chat by Phantoml0rd – and then “Winner”. Let’s say I woke up my neighbors at 12 AM when I saw that. One of my main inspirations as far as League is concerned is about to teach me how to play the game and give me tips to improve. It was a mix between being starstruck and more hype than usual. If anything, I was so nervous that I was just flat-out terrible the first game (mental freeze OP, nerf pls) – but I learned quite a bit despite the nervousness.

Well, I can’t reveal lesson secrets but the other two games I learnt even more from that. My “Karthus facts” notebook didn’t have that many pages written on it but in 2 hours, 5 pages were written (and I keep on adding even more pages even hours later). I also gradually got in my comfort zone, which allowed me to see that I ‘had potential’ even against people who are way better than me at this game and just have a whole lot more experience than I do. I also got him to rage at me (and am still laughing about it to this moment) – and that was, if anything, one of the best parts of the lesson – even though he might not have realized it himself.

Let’s just say that in 2 hours, I learnt the equivalent of one or two months of playing by myself as far as approaching the game goes. The experience is not yet there but I hope I’ll have a whole lot more energy to grind games now (compared to what I used to have). The renewed hope that “I can definitely be better at this game” is here. Instead, this time, I’m not looking to be “above the pack”. Every time I play a game and get a few notes scratched on my ‘Karthus facts’ notebook will be a victory to me. Every win I get will allow me to dissect my play according to what I did right – and allow positive reinforcement. Every loss I get will tell me about things I should be more wary of. Additionally, due to the lesson details, I’ll be taking a whole lot of notes (more than I used to!) more often since there are “other things” I am now looking at/for.

Before the lesson, I was not looking forward to playing Ranked because of the fact that I’d see my rank and be like “I’m so far from being above the rim – I’m garbage”. Now, I’m anxiously waiting for Ranked queues to come back so that I can learn how to play the game and acquire experience to, maybe one day, hit it big. You know what? This is exactly like what is going on in my life right now; I’ll get better at writing on a daily basis without having to look at “what the others do and why I’m so far from being good at this craft” but instead think that “I’ve made steps to the right direction – I’m learning”.

So here it is, Phantom. Your lesson actually had an impact on things beyond League of Legends. I’ll approach things with more confidence despite my lack of experience because I’d be telling myself: “I’m setting myself up to get better, period.”

Hype Coverage of the LCS – Season 3, Week 2


Tidbits of information

  • What’s up with all the LeBlanc bans against TSM?
  • MegaZero vs ReginaId, 3 years ago, played a game where loser retires. They had a beef going on. Both were known for their Anivia back then. As they played, MegaZero emerged as the victor – but we all know that Reginald didn’t retire.
    Just thinking about it makes me think of what could have been for TSM – well, it wouldn’t have the same appeal, that’s for sure. Reginald being the Alpha personality on the team, it would feel much different than now.

Teams of the Week

  • Team Dignitas (3-0): Taking on TSM, MRN and GGU. They had a lot to show this week after a rough first week and they did just that, asserting their place as a top-tier NA team.
    They showed everyone that last week was merely them being in a temporary slump, dominate in all three matchups (MRN, TSM, GGU) this week. A very snowball-oriented style of play against MRN and TSM, a long dragged out war of attrition against GGU. Two different styles, both efficient.
  • Evil Geniuses (3-0): Going to their old classic compositions on Day 1 this week, beat SK and Dragonborns in long dragged-out games.

Casualties of the Week:

  • MRN (0-2): While the first game was so one-sided (Dignitas were out for blood), the 2nd one against TSM was slower by comparison. There is much work to do for this team.
  • Vulcun Command (0-2): Losing to GGU hurts them far more than losing to TSM. They couldn’t convert their early-game advantage against GGU’s poke comp and paid for it.
  • Copenhagen Wolves (0-3): Solid showings despite defeats. It goes to show, the EU competition is far less forgiving on teams even if they’re good.

I’m Feeling:

  • You know how I called Malunoo & co ‘Sub Deluxes’ last week. TSM just went overkill in their sub selection. While Dan Dinh’s name was around for quite some time and was a pretty obvious pickup due to the obvious ties he has to, the addition of WingsOfDeathX and WildTurtle makes me think that TSM’s ‘subs’ are a bit overkill; they would probably be starters anywhere else.
  • Complexity Gaming (0-1) showing promise despite defeat against CRS, made CRS work hard for victory. Of all the teams not comprising the NA Big 4, they’re the one looking the strongest.
  • GoodGame University finally getting their first win of the tournament with a poke/kite comp that had disengage, perfect against VUL’s engages. They did that with the sub, GGU Fat, as GGU Shiphtur went through school exams.
  • This touching interview of Dyrus and Dadyrus. I legitimately had tears welling up – especially on the father portions.
  • Sjokz with the killer questions and overall great interviews. Keep it up!
  • EG needed that win vs SK so that they could claim an Ocelote scarf as a prize. And, Ocelote was true to his word.
  • For all the doubters, Shushei is back!

Comedy gold and bloopers

  • Vulcun vs TSM (the versus screen) features two (!) XPecial faces! Poor Xmithie.
  • Flashback: Oddone dies to dragon while Chaox goes all “TSMMMMM”
  • Flashback: Voyboy nomnoms a HotShotGG at baron.
  • Watching d KiwiKiD play Singed.
  • Way to go, Dan Dinh, way to go.
  • Qtpie, why do you have to be so risky? (GGU ZionSpartan killing Ezreal – footage needed)
  • Dignitas Scarra talks about their team’s nickname in the pro scene: DigniPause.
  • Darien failing jump over wall, looks silly. Graves runs away.
  • Bugsplat on Qu1ksh0t as he was analyzing dragon teamfight on GG vs aAa.
  • Yet another shot fired, this time between two friends! I talked about the scarf wager match, well, Snoopeh had his own lines on the matter.
  • Kind of comedic, that wraith really did not want to die.
  • Froggen losing himself on Summoner’s Rift, misclicks minimap while ulting as TF.
  • cowTard may need to ‘change’ his name to coward – if we stick to Deman’s reading ‘issues’. That, or Deman needs to focus harder.

Definitely not feeling:

  • TSM taking the loss against DIG a bit too hard on the moment, see Chaox and ReginaId not even wait for the surrender vote to start to actually leave the game. Thankfully, they got the win against MRN (and they needed it for their collective psyche).
  • Whatever illness was going around on the NA scene did a number on some MRN members and TSM TheOddOne. Even on some of the Riot crew.
  • The way it all fell apart for the Copenhagen Wolves as they basically threw a game they should have won against Gambit Gaming.
  • Streamers left and right said Vulcun’s game is the Early game. Vulcun did not play their true game yet.
  • Dignitas has no place to stay in at the LA region yet, facing difficulties finding a landlord who would accept housing 5 people.

Players to watch:

  • Dignitas imaqtpie: Unveils Draven on the Northern American LCS to great success. Even gets a respect ban on the last game of the week.
  • Dignitas Scarra: Bounces back from last week, utterly dominates. Picking Diana might have something to do with that.
  • EG Yellowpete: German Efficiency on Varus all weekend, a massive contribution to EG’s success this week.
  • EG Froggen: It seems that no matter what he picks, he’s just a monster. Didn’t help they let him pick one of his favorites, Lux.
  • Giants Jimbonez: No Kennen, no problem.

Games to watch:

  • Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses: Revenge from the Season 2 Championship Qualifiers as EG (back then denied Fnatic the spot, taking it instead.
  • GIANTS vs Gambit: With these European teams, you never know. Giants did beat Gambit on Week 1. How will Gambit react?

The Code of the Warrior (Antique Runeterran Edition)


While I am working on a fan champion concept (Jian, the Founding Father / Demonic Fist) for the game League of Legends, I had to lay the groundwork so that people know where he comes from, mindstate-wise. This Code of the Warrior is something he was exposed to while he was merely a disciple, except that his school kind of broke Rule #2. More on that soon(TM).

Anyway, here is “The Code”.

  1. The strong rule, the weak get stronger or die trying. Anyone who abides to this code is bound to the Cycle of Life and Death and so is the cause they fight for.
  2. Children are to be spared from this, unless it is a child prodigy who willingly walks this path.
  3. Battles only involve two healthy warriors.
    1. If a combatant breaches this rule willingly (whether they choose to confront an injured or ill warrior with knowledge that such handicap would heavily hinder their prowess), they are not worthy of being a warrior and, as such, shall not be considered as such. Exceptions are:
      1. A master-pupil relation if the master is ill and wishes to transmit his legacy.
      2. A former warrior who breached this rule.
      3. A terminally ill warrior who aligns himself as such despite his illness. On that case, the ill warrior is to choose whether he is to be killed or left to live if he is defeated.
      4. If a former warrior breaks this rule and survives, he is to be killed by other warriors.
    2. Other warriors can group to dispose of the treacherous combatant but taking on them alone is far more honorable.
    3. If the rule is breached by an intruder affiliated to one side, they are to take the burden that would befall the other side.
      1. If the challenger has been defeated and the intruder wishes to keep them alive, they are to pay with their blood or to defeat the winner.
      2. If they defeat the winner, they must let him live so as to allow both warriors to fight again.
    4. If the intruder interrupts the fight in a treacherous manner, unaffiliated with either side, he is to be disposed of as his presence is beyond treacherous.
  4. Any warrior bound to the Code must accept challenges by other warriors if he is not injured.
    1. If you have accepted the code once, you are bound to it for the rest of your life. As such, you have no right to decline challenges.
    2. If you choose to decline, however, it is up to the challenger to decide whether to fight or not. Even if you do not.
    3. You are not bound to it past that life, however. Rebirth occurs and a spirit may choose a different path. An exception to this is talked about later in the code.
  5. Everything is fair in combat.
    1. While fleeing is dishonorable, it is tolerated. The victor will be the one who did not flee.
    2. An honorable warrior might die but his spirit will always linger.
    3. An honorable warrior is always reborn as their spirit is too strong to be held back by death.
  6. Whoever wins the fight is to execute the opponent, Exceptions exist.
    1. If the victor is two generations above the defeated and thinks the defeated warrior is worthy, he may select that warrior as the inheritor of his will, therefore a pupil.
      1. Such a decision, however, demands that the pupil challenges the master as many times as necessary.
      2. If the pupil is victorious, he is to execute the master and carry on the latter’s will. The Warrior spirit can only rest that way.
      3. If the pupil chooses not to execute the master, the master is to be a companion to his pupil and must never challenge the latter.
      4. If the defeated master challenges the pupil anyway, the pupil can execute the former master as the latter is not worthy of the Warrior credential anymore.
      5. If the pupil is defeated, he is to learn from his defeat.
      6. If the pupil is defeated and the master does not deem him worthy of his tutelage anymore, the pupil is released.
      7. If a pupil is released and wants to challenge a former master, whoever emerges as the victor is to execute the defeated regardless of age.
      8. If the master is killed by a warrior other than the pupil, the pupil may challenge them or may let his master’s legacy to rest.
    2. If the victor is not the challenger, he is to slay the defeated warrior if he deems him worthy of such an honor or if the challenger demands it. A challenger seeks to validate his life by challenging a foe, but the challenged foe is also bound to it if they are of equal level.
  7. Anyone who displays strength in front of a warrior is bound de facto to the Code of the Warrior.
  8. Should a combatant lose his capacity to combat after a win or be afflicted by an impairment or terminal disease, they are to retire from challenges until they recuperate their strength. Other warriors may look for spiritual guidance.
  9. The challenge must be voiced clearly via speech or by throwing a glove in front of their challenged warrior.
    1. Treacherous kills (i.e. sneaking on a foe) binds you to a death sentence of the same amplitude of breaching Rule #2.
  10. If an execution occurred, the executor is to carry the corpse to its rightful place, be it a family or a village’s outskirts.
  11. Warriors are to be aware that worthy or treacherous people do exist and must always be ready to fight.
  12. If warriors fight for a cause, their whole cause is either validated or invalidated. To overrule the invalidation, the invalidated side must challenge the previous winner (or someone nominated by the winner if the winner is unable to attend to his warrior status anymore).
  13. If a warrior dies yet returns to life via undeath or resurrection, they are considered as their former self if they have conserved all of their memories, honorable demeanor and strength and are bound to the Code of the Warrior. If they have not, it is every warrior’s duty to put their body and soul to rest so as to allow the warrior to be reborn integrally.
  14. A warrior is to challenge foes he thinks are of equal strength or stronger. If it is revealed they are weaker than him, he is to let them live – unless they try to kill him, on which case they are attempting to treacherously kill.

List of Projects I am currently running or have in mind


I am keeping this list up for myself mainly. Then again, this should be a good way to let others know what’s going on in my mind right now as far as projects are concerned.

  • League of Legends Play-By-Play in text format: Now part of the Leaguepedia network! You will see me contribute on both @LoLPlayByPlay and @LeaguepediaLive.
  • Jungle Clear Lv1-To-Lv4 Spreadsheet
    The spreadsheet desperately needs an update. Update: undergoing it.
  • Riot vs Community – Europe Edition
    Mainly as a contributor to the project (or a co-producer). I need to e-mail the Dublin offices.
  • Champion Concept: Jian, the Ultimate Fist
    I’ve got major figments of his lore down and a mental image of how he looks and how he should work. Spoilers: He would be using the EX mechanic and will not be mana-based the slightest.
  • Hype’s Weekly League Coverage
    Ongoing. Started with Week 1, will need to get much better at it as time goes on.
  • Champion Concept: Quinton, Voice of the Underground
    A tech-savvy Robin Hood in Piltover, very much in the development stages in my mind. He would be in-between a hacker and a hoodlum – he would be used to enrich the lore in Piltover and expose that society’s potential flaws. He would have either an EMP-like ability or a care package ability. His full name is Quinton Graham.
  • Champion Concept: Jamrah, the Nethermancer (basically a Holy Kerrigan)
    The concept needs a lot of polish, especially lore-wise and “what-could-be” interaction-wise. The groundwork has already been solidly laid out forth and is somewhere on the NA forums. I will repost it once I find a way to draw her (or have her drawn).
  • Champion Concept: Reid, The Avatar of Despair and Hope
    I only have his lore figured out. He would be a celestial (read: cosmos) power user with a buff/debuff support kit. He plays on the duality that he instills hope to his teammates through buffs while at the same time instilling despair on his ennemies through debuffs. His ultimate is an AoE Buff/Debuff field.
  • Champion Concept: Malik, the Chronoshifter
    Let’s keep it this way: Zilean’s disciple from a faraway future decides to use his powers to travel back in time in order to avert doomsday.
  • Goofy Champion Concept: Moogaloo, the Undead Shepherd
    I kind of need to get this one out of my… crazy imagination. Even the Undead of the Shadow Isles need a comic relief character. Fun fact: Call of the Herd (his ultimate) interacts with his W, which is to basically send a, ethereal cow somewhere and control its motion. If you activate his ult (you can only do that if the cow is in range of the ult), you will see tons of bulls storming towards that cow to ‘mate’ (?!?), meanwhile causing knockups and slows while rampaging. Also, he’s a support who uses corrida/wtf-random spells. His E is “Share milk / Throw milk” which either inflicts damage to a target or lets a “milk” item appear in the inventory of whichever ally you targeted. If they don’t have any free item slot, it automatically uses it. “Milk” regenerates health and mana over time much like a health pot… except for the fact that it scales into lategame and that you can use 2 of them at the same time.
  • Syndra Lore Rewrite
    Exploring her past, her present, her personality in various aspects as well as what could be.
  • Jayce’s Lore Rewrite
    Exploring the different sides of the persona as well as the influence Vi had on him when ‘the law’ let him down.
  • Rate Your Character – Universal text-based roleplay balance aid
    Under construction but damn am I slacking on that one.
  • Getting to Diamond V on League of Legends
    Everything at its own stage. For now, though, I need to keep on improving my mid-lane play.
  • The League of Legends: Workshop Series
    Basically taking 10 random newbies and teaching them how to play the game, live on stream from scratch. I need to write myself some “points to look out for”.
  • The Hype Telestrator
    Breaking down game-changing plays in game in roles as follows: The “spanner”, the “blue-collar hero”, the “enabler” and the “playmaker”. I need to get better at Adobe After-Effects and fix my lolreplay bugs before creating content of this nature.
  • Video: Comedy Gold of the Month – LCS Edition
    Some fails, some totally win, as long as it stays goofy.
  • Writing down what’s been written on paper with ink – this time on the computer
    My personal take on how Garen and Katarina would have met, on what circumstances and how much of an impact it had; also highlights other characters from the game. (At least 25 pages. Yikes)
  • Hype’s Standalone Build Order Simulator
    Select a champion, select a build order, save a build order for the in-game client to maybe use… Let’s say it would be any of your Recommended Build managers, except you would know how much damage you would do at a given stage with a given build.

Hype Coverage of the LCS: Season 3, Week #1


Shots Fired!

We all love us some smack talk or anything that basically exudes confidence, don’t we? Then again, CRS SaintVicious and TSM Xpecial took it to the next level through their latest declarations. While Xpecial was just telling us that TSM intended to win every single game left (and somewhat downplaying the other teams on the process), Saintvicious’ tweet went on to create quite a buzz.

We all know that Curse Gaming has 3 players that Counter Logic Gaming previously benched: Elementz, SaintVicious and the latest casualty (who had to qualify TWICE for Season 3), Voyboy. The benchings came in for different reasons. For Saintvicious, it was definitely a matter of having too many shot-callers on a team. As he refused to go to a then-formed B-squad (CLG Black), he was simply benched until a 3-way trade happened between Dignitas, Curse Gaming and CLG. Said trade included Voyboy going from Dignitas to CLG; however, time showed that CLG and Voyboy’s way of playing were just incompatible, despite the team snagging the only Northern American victory of the Season 2 Finals in a dramatic finish against SK Gaming.

The tweet comes in as a way to say: Maybe CLG is Curse-Bench, instead of the other way around. Or maybe I’m just misinterpreting facts. What I’m definitely doing, though, is remaking the community’s analogy to go along this tweet and the recent turn of events. Still, trash talk and banter are definitely something everyone enjoys as long as no real animosity stems from both teams. Let’s face it, they’re both extremely skilled at their craft.

Team of the Week

Curse Gaming (3-0): Every naysayer got their mouth shut this week as this team convincingly beat Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas and Good Gaming University. Saintvicious’ play was particularly strong this week, well supported by Voyboy. Elementz, Cop and Nyjacky (despite the latter having an apparently bad week) did solid work to back them up.

Casualties of the week

Vulcun, GoodGaming University and Copenhagen Wolves (0-2):
The key for Vulcun is to get stronger. They have faced two powerhouses in Dignitas and Team SoloMid on their first week of LCS, which is extremely rough on anyone not in the top 4 NA teams. Got to like the fact that V Zuna pours his heart into this game, though.

GGU, though, seem to suffer from a severe case of Throw-itis at the moment. I hope they can recover from their own rough Week 1 showing as well as that would make the NA scene more interesting to watch besides the Big 4.

As for the Copenhagen Wolves, they showed promise but it was a really tough ordeal to face SK Gaming and Evil Geniuses on their first week.

I like what I’m seeing here:

  • Giants Gaming (1-1): taking a game from Gambit Gaming in an extremely convincing fashion, playing a very chaotic style when they got advantages. They showed everyone why they were in the LCS after sweeping the LCS Qualifiers 4-0 and with this marquee win.
  • SK HyrQBot: introducing Jungle Vi to everyone, being crazy dangerous at it. Even team EG used a ban on it, not that it made him any less decisive in SK’s very convincing victory against EG.
  • Team SoloMid “Snapdragon”: Taking it to the next level by getting sponsored by Qualcomm (getting mainstream anytime soon?), get a battle area of their own thanks to new sub (and co-owner of TSM Dan Dinh
  • Vulcan Zuna: Would you see his reaction when he was sniping people with Kog’maw ults? That’s passion right there. More of that, please!
  • Erika: Former manager of TPA, now working for Riot Games! On a similar register, Sjokz is now part of the ESL roster!

Comedy gold

Not feeling

  • Gambit Gaming: Letting Froggen pick Anivia – as a 5th pick, mind you. Code 10-56 called at the ESL Studios in Cologne. It was brutal to watch.
  • Copenhagen Wolves’ Bjergsen: not being here in the tournament yet. His team needs him bad. cowTard has filled in admirably though.
  • DragonBorns Brokenshard: He will be out for two months attending health issues concerning his lungs. Get well soon!
  • and YouTube streams going up and down on the EU LCS day 1. eSports too strong on servers worldwide apparently. Is it really a bad thing that eSports is getting more attention, though? Regardless, Day 2 showed that the ESL crew did wonders, but it’s still not perfect just yet.
  • Najin Shield Mokuza (Korean scene): Health issues made such a great player retire from progaming. I really wish he gets well and succeeds in whatever endeavor he partakes in in the future.
  • NA seems to only have a Big 4. We, the viewers, need some suspense in there. So far it looks like CLG, TSM, Dignitas and Curse are a class above all other teams on the Northern American scene. Compare that to EU’s “everyone could take it home” field (even the teams that didn’t get in the LCS could have done serious work) and you get what I’m coming from with this. Hopefully Teams MRN and Complexity show up big. Or GGU stops throwing. Or everyone steps up at Vulcun.

Players to watch

  • CRS SaintVicious: No matter what you do, whoever faces him next, DON’T let him pick Xin Zhao.
  • EG Snoopeh: Can play Kayle just as well as Maokai apparently. Starting to use more carry-oriented Junglers? I like where this is headed.
  • EG Wickd: Save for his last game this week (he desperately needed that Kayle ultimate) he showed why he is one of the best top-laners in the European scene. His Shen play on Game 1 and Akali play on Game 2 showed him performing admirably well on different registers – tank and DPS respectively.
  • Giants Jimbonez: Has always done very well on his trademark AD Kennen, win or lose. Other teams need to take a hint.
  • Dignitas Scarra: It would be interesting to see how one of my favorite players recovers from a somewhat sloppy performance this week – at least to his standards. I’d like to be that ‘sloppy’ at League of Legends to be honest.

Teams to watch next week

  • DragonBorns: With the additions of Substitutes Deluxe Malunoo, YamatoCannon and Extinkt, their roster is as good on the starting 5 as it is on the bench. Malunoo’s presence in particular will be extremely needed while Brokenshard is away.
  • Team MRN: They got a Bye this week and had ample time to get intel on Team SoloMid and Dignitas, the two powerhouses they will face next week. Will that be enough, though?
  • GoodGaming University: Two losses in two strong showings – especially the one against Curse. They need to recover from that, quickly.

Games to watch next week

  • TSM Snapdragon vs Dignitas: How will Scarra and the band bounce back from their (1-2) first week? Well, they have a tough one to face in a 3-game schedule for Week 2. I don’t think Team Dignitas will take Xpecial’s 27-1 prediction seriously anyway; so, we’re in for quite a treat.
  • Evil Geniuses vs SK Gaming: After Week 1′s convincing victory by SK Gaming, it’s back on the drawing board for Evil Geniuses as they have to figure out how to crack SK. Kev1n’s Olaf in particular seemed to hurt them a whole lot.